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Perspex in Ballarat pub protects prints

Posted on November 10, 2014
Display products, Ballarat

Clear perspex protects prints at the Golf House Hotel in Ballarat.

At General Plastic Welding in Ballarat we love to innovate. Ranging from cake stands and basketball backboards, through to barbecue shelters and greenhouse sheeting – if you need a product, we can probably create it from perspex or polycarbonate. We’re the experts in perspex Ballarat turns to for premier products.

One product we’re particularly pleased with of late is the acrylic covers we’ve created to protect the prints that decorate the Golf House Hotel in Doveton Street, Ballarat. The Golf asked Ballarat signmaker Alan Burns Signs to create a beautiful range of prints for the hotel walls and then turned to General Plastics Welding to come up with a way to protect the prints from the daily wear and tear that goes with life in a popular and busy hotel.

Hotel visitors can enjoy the prints, including amazing  images of sporting legends such as Shane Warne, Michael Jordan and Roger Federer to name a few, and the hotel owners can enjoy the knowledge that their artworks are safe and secure but still highly visible behind our clear acrylic protective cover. Our perspex covers mean patrons can look but not touch. It’s the perfect solution.

By the way, we weren’t kidding when we boasted about barbecue shelters and cake stands. We’ve created a nifty little acrylic barbecue windbreak that comes complete with acrylic hinges for easy access, and our cake stands are perfect for displaying your next baking masterpiece.

Like we said, we love to innovate and we love a challenge. Yes, we have that traditional range of products you’d expect from a plastics company, but you’ll also find that we create products that are outside the ordinary. In fact, we think our Ballarat plastic products are extraordinary.

But don’t take our word for it, contact our headquarters and find out for yourself why we make the display products Ballarat and beyond can’t get enough of.