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At General Plastic Ballarat we have aluminium composite panels which are used for cladding factories and showrooms giving a modern, new look. Composite panels are also widely used in the sign industry as it is lighter than flat, rigid sheeting.

AluCOMP has a three-layer composition with the top and bottom layers aluminium sheet and the centre core a low density polyethylene. The paint finish is a high strength polyester coating which is acid, alkali and solvent resistant. These come in a range of colours which cut down on production time and being a light, rigid panel, installation time is reduced.

The aluminium composite panels can be easily rolled, curved and fabricated and if corner angles are needed, panels can be routered to allow it to bend to the right angles.

Sizes of sheet we can supply and also offer cut to size.

1830mm x 1220mm , 2440mm x 1220mm , 3050mm x 1220mm , 3050mm x 1500mm , 3660mm x 1220mm , 4000mm x 1500mm , 3000mm x 2000mm , 4000mm x 2000mm.

We can also supply Colour variations  but please call us for colour options as sheet sizing and colours differ.

Aluminium Composite Panel Uses

Signage for advertisements and shop fronts

  • Interior Decoration – Kitchens and Furniture
  • Ceilings – Showrooms and Booths
  • Trailers including , Car, Go Kart  and Horse Floats
  • Campers and Caravans
  • Other Industrial Applications

The composite panels can be screen or digitally printed direct to panel. Order aluminium composite panels online or call us at General Plastic Ballarat for more information.