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Acrylic sheet, or some people call it Perspex which is a particular brand name of  acrylic sheet. Acrylic is an outstanding product that offers optical clarity, impact and weather resistance, is ideal for the glazing, signage, point of sale promotions, business card holders, menu and display holders.

At General Plastic Ballarat we have perspex sheets available in a full range of thicknesses, sheet sizes, colours and tints. These include clear, opal, colours, tints and mirror in 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm,10mm and 15mm thick. Full perspex sheets range from 2440 x 1220mm, 2440 x 1830mm and 3050mm x 2030mm or cut to size. We can do some speical sizes on request. We also cater for other acrylic applications for example Mild and High Impact Acrylic in Clear and Opal. Gallery grade acrylic is another of our stocked items for that extra special Framing display. 100% UV and 100% UV with anti Glare Plexiglas.

Acrylic Sheet Uses

Acrylic sheets are ideal for:

  • Business Card Holders
  • Menu Holders
  • A4 Brochure Holders
  • Brochure Display Holders
  • Brochure Display Racks
  • Picture Framing
  • Cook Book Holders
  • Perspex Brochure Holders
  • Wall Mount Brochure Holders
  • Recipe Book Holders
  • Coloured Perspex
  • Sneeze screens -retail , commercial , industrial
  • Display cases

We also have a prismatic acrylic diffuser available in various stock sizes and cut to the size needed. The material comes in four patterns for light and skylights.  We have a full range of perspex sheeting to choose from for your particular project or need and you can order Ballarat perspex sheets online or contact General Plastic Ballarat for more information.