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Polypropylene sheets is an extremely hard plastic which can tolerate harsh chemicals and high temperatures proving to be excellent in areas where corrosive chemicals are used.

At General Plastic Ballarat we have a range of polypropylene products available in clear, opal and tint – all are UV protected. Polypropylene is used in the mining, laboratory, automotive, galvanising, electro planting industries as well as for educational facilities.

Our polypropylene flute (coreflute) twinwall is available in white, black, red, yellow and blue in 3mm, 3.3mm and 5mm thick in various sheet sizes. Polypropylene/polyethelene sheets and blocks are available in a range of density and thickness with colours including natural, black or grey. Recycled sheet products are available for lining and construction use from 1mm up in thickness.

Flame Retardant Polypropylene Sheets

General Plastic Ballarat has flame retardant polypropelene available in a white sheet which is used in the construction and fabrication of laboratory workstations, fume cupboards, acid tanks and dust extraction ducting.  Order online Ballarat polypropylene sheeting or call us at General Plastic Ballarat for more information.