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General Plastic Ballarat have a range of PVC sheeting which can be used for many purposes. Our PVC sheet products include:

  • PVC Matting – For strip curtains, swing doors, tubing, chain, workplace, freezer, coolroom, automotive and applications.
  • Full PVC Sheets – Non-corrosive chemical resistant material ideal for electrical switchboard covers, fume ducting, photographic and chemical dipping troughs, acid neutraliser tank, plumbing fittings.
  • Flexible PVC Sheets – Film PVC blinds have excellent optical clarity for safe two-way traffic and can be adapted as a fixed hinge door or applied in strip form over doorways. Suited for food/retail markets, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals and boats.
  • PVC Celuka Foam Board – Ideal material to replace some timbers. Light weight and water resistant widely used in the graphics and building industry.
  • PVC Foamex/Forex – A rigid, compressed foam PVC sheeting available in several bright colours. PVC foam is ideal to silk screen, airbrush, hand paint or apply vinyl graphics. Suits display boards, signage or portable display stands.

Our PVC sheets come in industrial grey, white, colours and foam PVC, clear PVC film .05mm to 15mm thick. Sheet size is 2440mmX1220mm. See General Plastic Ballarat to order PVC sheeting online or call us for more information.