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At General Plastic Ballarat we have a range of plastic welding and plastic fabrication services that can be used for tanks, laboratory equipment, machine and conveyor guards, display, lighting and repairs through to a large range of plastic products.

  • Plastic Fabrication – A complete fabrication service is provided by General Plastic Ballarat who can design, manufacturer and repair products to suit your needs.
  • Plastic Welding – We provide a full welding service to undertake plastic maintenance and repairs for commercial and domestic jobs.

General Plastic Ballarat can provide a range of plastic products for the particular project you are undertaking. Call us for more information or order plastics online.


General Plastic Ballarat provide a complete plastic fabrication service which includes plastic welding, bending, polishing and manufacturing of machine shields, tanks, display stands and a cut-to-size service for all sheet and engineering requests. At General Plastic Ballarat we have a highly skilled team of plastic fabricators who can design, manufacture and repair products to suit your needs using our state…

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At General Plastic Ballarat we provide a full plastic welding service to complement our plastic fabrication service where we can undertake plastic maintenance and repairs for both industrial and domestic clients. Hot Air Welding is the process we use to fabricate certain plastics, PVC, Polypropylene, HDPE, Polycarbonate, ABS, PETG and tanks for water treatment. Plastic welding is the…

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