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At General Plastic Ballarat we provide a plastic welding service to complement our plastic fabrication service where we can undertake plastic maintenance and repairs for both industrial and domestic clients.

Hot Air Welding is the process we use to fabricate certain plastics, PVC, Polypropylene, HDPE, Polycarbonate, ABS,  and tanks for water treatment. Plastic welding is the fusing of two pieces of plastic of the same type using a plastic welding rod also of the same type using plastic welding equipment.

One of the Plastic welders worst problems is the attempted repair with glues, super glue and other domestic glues making welding job sometimes impossible.

At General Plastic Ballarat we understand the key to a good plastic welding job is the correct plastic identification, so your plastic is matched with the right plastic welding rod. Some plastics can’t be welded using a plastic welder but can be chemically welded using our plastic adhesives. Call us for more information or contact us online.